Food to me isn't only a source of energy it's a way of bringing people together. It's a way of being. As a Holistic Chef, I see the whole experience; mind, body and soul. A recipe is a way of expressing yourself. Each ingredient is put into a dish to compliment one another to create fusion. All food is energy. By using only the best quality and sustainably-sourced produce, I maximize all of the benefits and nutrition in each ingredient.

It wasn't until after going to culinary school and becoming an adult that I realized my genuine love for cooking and all that it entails. If I'm not eating a meal or cooking I'm thinking of ways to create new innovative dishes.

When I cook for people I feel like I'm giving them a piece of me. I want to share with people the knowledge I have of food by teaching them about different cuisines, introducing them to new flavors and showing them different cooking techniques. Being a part of this is what brings me the most joy. These are the moments that affirm I love what I do.

-Chef Jess